Greg Wolske's Portfolio.  Founder & Owner of Lasso Productions.  Film, Video Productions & Advertising.

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GREG WOLSKE                                                                                                                   



 Creative advertising & multi-media production professional with the experience, knowledge and talent to provide leadership direction in multiple capacities within the advertising, marketing, broadcast, print, and entertainment industries. 


·         Innovative advertising, marketing & media planning strategies that exceed expectations.

·         Builds brand awareness, market presence and name recognition that increases revenue.

·         Highly skilled producer, director, cinematographer, editor, lighting and sound engineer.

·         Mac and PC proficient in creating graphic designs, layouts, websites, video and effects.

·         Coordinates, manages & directs projects from concept to completion on time, on budget.

·         Possesses excellent communication and writing/copy writing capabilities.

·         Equally effective working independently or with a team.  Excellent rapport with others.

·         Multi-talented go to person with a motivated dedication to achieving a job well done.


A creative visionary with the eclectic know-how, expertise and production capabilities to bring those visions to life.


 Founder/Owner: Lasso Advertising, AKA, Lasso Productions® (1984 to Present):

Created and manages a full-service boutique advertising agency and film, video, audio production company.  Advertising clients have included numerous law firms, direct response marketers, physicians and local retailers.  Production clients have included the above advertising clients plus, corporate clients, special interest groups, political campaigns, music groups and numerous PSA’s for charitable causes.  In-house, self-produced, original projects include documentary films, guitar instructional videos, music videos and studio audio recording projects.

A few notable clients & projects:

Wolske & Blue.  A personal injury and medical malpractice law firm.

Developed and built the company identity and brand from the ground up.  Created and implemented all aspects of advertising and marketing that made Wolske & Blue a household name in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.   Gross revenues increased by millions of dollars within the first five years of  initial advertising efforts and subsequent campaigns and strategies continued to fuel significant growth for the firm over the next ten years.  An independent marketing survey found that Wolske & Blue commercials created the highest levels of top of the mind awareness, received the highest percentage of positive impression in the marketplace and the lowest percentage of negative impression, did a good job of communicating messages with the highest recall for services advertised, and created highly identifiable law firm spokespersons (A high percentage of those surveyed mentioned the lawyers appearing in the ads by name). 

Ronnie Dawson, The Carnegie Hall Tour with High Noon & Lisa Pankratz

Produced and mixed a CD album released by Germany’s renowned Bear Family Records in April, 2012.  The incomparable Ronnie Dawson was captured at his rockin’ best in Lasso Productions’ Central Ohio studio and live on the road in Indiana at The James Dean Rockabilly Weekender.  Full details can be viewed at

Tear It Up: The Rockabilly Documentary

Conceptualized, produced and directed this documentary film about Rockabilly music.  Contacted scores of famous, infamous and historically relevant rockabilly music pioneers and guitar pickers, and persuaded a majority of them to grant an interview for this film.  Among those interviewed were Carl Perkins, Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, Elvis band mates Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana, Buddy Holly band mates JI Allison and Sonny Curtis, Dave Edmunds, Wanda Jackson, Dave Alvin, Ronnie Dawson, Sleepy LaBeef, Dale Hawkins, Larry and Lorrie Collins, and many more.  Numerous events and concerts were filmed throughout the USA and in Great Britain.  The entire production was shot on 16mm film with an initial budget of $250,000.  This film was selected two years in a row to screen as a work-in-progress at the IFP Film Festival, New York City.

Nationwide Insurance Company, Headquarters, Columbus, Ohio

Produced several grass roots type promotional videos for Nationwide Insurance Company’s Civic Action Program (CAP), a nonpartisan organization comprised of people from all facets of the Nationwide community that express their concerns to their respective state legislatures on matters relating to insurance. Videotaped campaign rallies for Presidential candidates, State Governor and other politicians, plus other patriotic events such as Flag Day ceremonies. Interviewed Nationwide corporate leaders, volunteer employees, and political leaders in Ohio and Washington DC.  The videos successfully helped Nationwide to recruit new employee volunteers for the CAP program.

 Tribute to Woody Hayes, famed Ohio State University Football Coach

Produced, filmed and edited a short presentation that featured highlights of Woody’s career and kudos from former players and coaches.  The film screened at a videotaped gala in the Ohio state capital building to a group of VIP’s that included Woody and Columbus business millionaire, John W. Galbreath.  Both men passed away shortly thereafter. The film included interviews with such greats as Bo Schembechler and Paul Brown, as well as, rare archived film footage from the Ohio State University film collection.

The American Teenage Hot Rod, Documentary Film

Conceptualized, produced and directed this short documentary film to commemorate the 20th century American teenage hot rod experience.   Several hot rod enthusiasts shared both their memories and their hot rods on camera.  The film also included clips of vintage film footage.  This film was selected to screen at the IFP film festival in New York, as well as, the Ohio Independent Film Festival in Cleveland and the Tiburon International Film Festival in San Francisco. 


Skills & Experience:

Advertising & Marketing Professional

Agency Owner :  Marketed Company services, established and maintained client relations.  Managed office, employees and handled all aspects of running a business.

 Creative Director:  Conceptualized and created advertising for television, radio, and print.  Work included all aspects of production: from script to screen and everything in between.

Copywriter:  Wrote effective and concise copy for commercials, print, brochures and web content.

 Media Strategist:   Created media plans and negotiated and purchased airtime that met cost-per-point goals and reached targeted demographics.  Placed millions of dollars worth of television/cable/radio spots, print ads in numerous markets within multiple states utilizing Nielsen, Arbitron ratings and other research tools.  

Producer & Director, Film, Video & Sound

Production Coordinator:  Coordinated all aspects and logistics for innumerable production shoots.  Booked studio time, obtained location permits, arranged equipment rentals, travel/accommodations/transportation, and international travel customs clearances.  Hired and managed crews/freelancers and actors/extras.  Post-production duties included sending film to labs for processing and supervising film transfers at telecine facilities.

Cinematographer:   Proficient in the use of multiple camera formats, including 35mm film, Super 16mm/16mm film, S8/8mm film, broadcast analog and digital video.  Experience includes setting up location and studio lighting, selecting film stock, loading film magazines and setting exposure levels using cine light meter.

 Sound Engineer / Producer:  Location audio for film and video.  Resolved and synced audio for film to video transfers.  Multi-track studio recording, mixing and sweetening with 4, 8, 16, 24 track analog and digital tape and computer software/hard drives.  Skilled in the use of multiple microphones and set-ups for drums, guitars, amps, bass, vocals, etc. – both in the studio and live.

Post-Production Editor:   Extensive use of Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Soundtrack Pro and DVD Studio for HD/SD video.   Linear video editing experience includes traditional A-B Roll systems.  Was an early and long time user of the NewTek Video Toaster and Lightwave.  Familiar with most digital and analog video decks and formats.  Post-production editing experience also includes a reliance on audio mixing and computer graphic skills.

Computer Proficiencies

Mac and PC computer experience includes the use of a variety of design and graphics software programs such as Apple Final Cut Pro Studio, Adobe and Corel Suites to create all sorts of visuals for video, animations, web design, print ads, brochures, logos, etc.  Designs, maintains and serves as webmaster for many websites.  Have worked with and edited html code and constantly strive to improve SEO.  Experienced in the use of everyday business software such as Microsoft Office programs.  Have repaired, rebuilt and reprogrammed untold number of computers due to hardware and software failures/conflicts and virus infections and errors.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing & Advertising, The Ohio State University

Other skills & knowledge: self-taught/self-learned.



Attended Capital University Law School and worked as a law clerk for several years.

Renovated over a dozen properties & built several recording studios.  Proficient in carpentry, plumbing and electrical.

Musician: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard. Songwriter, arranger & singer.




The Tiburon International Film Festival, San Francisco

The American Teenage Hot Rod, selected for screening

The Independent Features Project’s Film Festival, New York City

            Tear It UP: The Rockabilly Documentary, selected for screening two years in a row

            The American Teenage Hot Rod, selected for screening

The Columbus International Film & Video Festival

            Paul Burlison: Rockabilly Boogie, Honorable Mention

            Wolske & Blue, Honorable Mention

Ohio Independent Film Festival, Cleveland

            The American Teenage Hot Rod, selected for screening

The Gem City Film Festival

            The Lasso Kid, animation of the Lasso Productions’ logo, selected for screening

Billboard Songwriting Contest

            Route 23, Written & Performed by Greg Wolske, Honorable Mention


Production Equipment Owned:

Arriflex Super16mm camera package, Apple G5, AJA Kona HD/SD, Final Cut Pro Studio, BetacamSP & HDV/DVCam/DV recorders, Panasonic HD monitor, Sony digital video camera, Mackie 24 Track Mixer, 16 track ADAT recorders, Digital Audio portable recorder, microphones, lowel lighting package, Spectra Cine Light meter, various broadcast analog video & audio recorders, Buhl Film transfer unit, plus Windows PC’s, scanners and printers.