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Lasso Advertising

Lasso Advertising was created to better represent and market the comprehensive services provided by Lasso Productions.   Those services include in-house marketing, advertising, branding, media buying, graphic/print/web design, and of course, film/video/sound productions.





Lasso Productions

Lasso Productions is a full service boutique film, video, audio production company.  As a division of Lasso Advertising, it also provides advertising, marketing, branding and strategic media placement services.






Tear It Up: The Rockabilly Documentary

This film by Greg Wolske, is the first to comprehensively document Rockabilly music and recognize it as a separate American musical style, such as jazz and blues.





Legal Marketing Results

Legal Marketing Results is a division of Lasso Advertising that  provides comprehensive advertising, marketing and production services for law firms.  Superior attorney advertising for over 25 years. 




Ronnie Dawson, The Carnegie Hall Tour

Produced, recorded and mixed by  Greg Wolske, this CD was recently released by Germany's Bear Family Records.  The CD contains studio and live recordings of the incredible Ronnie Dawson, along with the great Rockabilly Trio, High Noon and drummer, Lisa Pankratz.  Never before published, these recordings were made during the band's 1994 tour which began with their highly acclaimed debut performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City.




The American Teenage Hot Rod

A short documentary film by Greg Wolske, commemorating the American teenage hot rod experience.  Several hot rod enthusiasts share their memories and their cars with vintage hot rod film footage and music.





Renovative Design

Greg Wolske has nearly made a second career out of renovating, remodeling and reviving a considerable number of properties over the years.   His skills include designing, contracting, carpentry, electrical, plumbing/HVAC and just about anything else required for home restoration. 


Greg Wolske, Director / DP

Greg Wolske is a producer, director, cameraman, editor and owner of  Lasso Productions in Columbus, Ohio.  Film, video, sound, and multimedia.








Wolske & Associates

Wolske & Associates, previously known as Wolske & Blue, is a highly successful Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury law firm located in Columbus, Ohio.  Greg Wolske and Lasso Advertising have been the driving force behind the firm's marketing for over two decades.